Jul. 22, 2015

stella construction

Courtesy of The Eagle: Stella Hotel construction set to begin as center of ATLAS development

By SAM PESHEK sam.peshek@theeagle.com |

A boutique hotel that developers and some Bryan city officials expect to be a catalyst for growth in the twin cities is weeks away from the start of construction.

Spencer Clements, principal of the Traditions Development and the master-planned ATLAS health community in west Bryan, said construction on the four-star, six-story, 177-room Stella Hotel will begin construction in four weeks and is expected to be open for business in 2017. Crews are already prepping the site of the hotel's future location along the corner of HSC Parkway and South Traditions Drive.

"It's a game-changer for our side of town," Clements said.

When completed, Clements said, the hotel will be the centerpiece of the 200-acre mixed-use, health-centric ATLAS community, which is an extension of the Traditions development, and will serve the growing biocorridor. Dallas-based FAB Studio architects will create what Clements calls a "treehouse-type" environment with wall-to-wall glass in some areas that allows guests to look out on manmade Lake ATLAS.

"It's very much going to be our own brand, our own local take on what a nice hotel should be for our part of the world," Clements said.

The hotel will also include a fitness center, ballroom and conference space, pool area, bar and a restaurant. Luxury hotel management company Trust Hospitality will oversee operations.

Clements said the Stella Hotel will spark growth in ATLAS the same way the Traditions Clubhouse did to The Traditions housing development, so aesthetics and hospitality are crucial to the new development's success.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski said Texas A&M University graduate and Nutrabolt CEO Doss Cunningham's decision to establish the Silicon Valley-style Nutrabolt campus adjacent to the ATLAS development offers a window into the future of ATLAS.

"They could have gone anywhere in the country and he decided to stay out there, and that's going to add to the quality of life for his employees," Bienski said.

For Bryan City Councilman Chuck Konderla, who was an advocate of tax incentives and rebates for the ATLAS development that passed in 2014, the Stella Hotel will mean more to Bryan and College Station than just a pretty building. He said the hotel will be an important recruiting tool for the biocorridor and the professionals that come with it, but more importantly, the property tax revenues alone will be "astronomical."

If biotech employees decide to set up in the Traditions and ATLAS developments, they will be able to work, shop, live and dine within walking distance.

"The work-life balance is fantastic and it doesn't make you feel like you're at work so much," Konderla said.
Konderla said there will also be an increased amount of job opportunities across the board, including maintenance crews, hotel employees and restaurant owners.

"I'm a huge fan," Konderla said. "I don't think people really understand the magnitude of what's coming."

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