Nov. 16, 2017

Texas A and M_Albritton Bell Tower in Twilight

Courtesy of New Home Source: Top College Towns Drawing 55+ Homebuilders

A small-town feel, low cost of living, world-class lectures and entertainment via Texas A&M, as well as exceptional health facilities, make College Station, Texas, top of the class for college towns that Boomers are drawn to. “The main thing we have going for us is our nice, friendly community,” says Spence Clements, principal for Traditions Club and Community

The private golf club and residential community is a college-linked retirement community that’s attracting former Aggies and non-Aggies alike, because College Station is “a hidden gem. We have great cultural diversity, really good food, great healthcare, all without some of the big city problems,” Clements says. And, older adults can even take free classes at A&M.
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